The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism

A Modern Day Mystery School of Magick, Mysticism, and Spirituality, Master the Mystical Arts.

A Modern Day Mystery School of Magick, Mysticism, and Spirituality, Master the Mystical Arts, Become a Mystical Adept

Welcome to The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism, A Modern Day Mystery School dedicated to the initiation, instruction, and exploration of the metaphysical, magickal, mystical, occult, and spiritual domains. Our mission is to create conscious solutions, innovations, and higher consciousness education for human beings, resulting in a more enlightened, higher-conscious Earth incarnation and transcendence beyond the realms of the physical illusory material universe. 

Founded in April 2021 by Tanuj Soodan, the creator and head instructor of The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism, our objective is to establish a digital library of archived lessons containing everything a student requires to comprehend, study, and progress in their pursuit of magical, occult, and spiritual mastery.

On the journey toward higher spiritual gnosis, the Initiate may encounter various obstacles, troubles, fears, limitations, and opposing forces. Without the guidance of a light, teacher, or metaphysical compass, navigating this sea of chaos, negativity, and spiritual blindness may seem daunting.

As a result, The School of Mysticism serves as a magical and energetic beacon, providing guidance and support to the initiate, teaching, uplifting, and illuminating in times of trouble, distress, confusion, and blindness.

Our spiritual aim is to produce knowledgeable metaphysical adepts within the community, providing real, practical lessons, tests, trials, and objective results, transforming practitioners into seasoned conduits of magical forces.

The School of Mysticism offers assistance, practicality, harmony, love, and a genuine sense of community within our secure, protected, private community. The online community serves as an "energetically shielded" space of connection, high vibration, and soul-familial recognition. 

Our members frequently express joy in their connection and a strong sense of attunement with one another beyond the physical. Ultimately, each Initiate shares a yearning for something beyond the mundane, limited third-dimensional matrix human world.

The School is an invitation to embrace all things magical and mystical, free from societal norms and limitations, encouraging genuine "outside the box thinking," promoting freedom for the mind, soul, and limitless expansion into the infinite realms of consciousness, possibility, and spiritual awareness.




What Is A Mystical Initiate?

From ancient times, Mystical Initiates were known for their philosophical acumen, intelligence, and forward-thinking mindset. They were revered as teachers, philosophers, metaphysicians, pioneers, and forward thinkers of their era. Mystical Initiates would gather in sacred ceremonies and rituals, delving into the study of ancient texts and philosophies. They also delved into the Inner Verses of Reality and explored dimensions beyond the physical realm. They knew that our world was not what it appeared to be but rather a grand illusion or spiritual deception and that only through true gnosis, or deep spiritual knowledge, could the divine spark within ascend to higher realms of existence.

The Mystical Initiates were practitioners of various mystical arts, including elemental magick, technoshamanism, divination, ritual magick, plant shamanism, dharmic wizardry mastery, telekinetic and psychokinetic phenomenon, astral projection, and shamanic journeying. They believed in the life force energy of all things, which allowed them to access a multidimensional reality. These practitioners revered and formed an intimate connection with the Sophianic Mother, or Divine Feminine Goddess, known as Sophia, the Earth Mother.

Many of these initiates were trained adepts, having seen through the false guises of religion, organized society, mainstream political dramas, and propaganda about reincarnation and the recycling process of souls and spiritual beings. They saw Earth as a grand stage where Divine Spirits could be trapped by a lesser god, Yaldaboath or the Demiurge, in Gnostic Teachings. 

Through Pronoia, divine attainment, and gnosis, the Adamic Man - one who contained the spark of the mysteries and the infinite - could return to the Pleroma, the realms of infinity, and be reunited with the Cosmic Mother and the vast Aeonic powers that await their revival out of the grand dream of Maya.

The Mystery School Initiates formed a powerful and tight-knit collective of souls ready and willing to transcend the confines of the Simulatrix, the construct of Maya, the Demiurge, and the false god. They were prepared to transcend Maya once and for all, freeing their eternal selves and returning to their true places of origin - dimensions of consciousness - to be the creator beings they once were.

Embodying a sense of determination and readiness to activate and unlock higher dimensions of consciousness and awareness. They carried a unique connection to power and divinity, which enabled them to channel the wisdom of higher dimensional realms, including the intelligence of the Earth and the revered Grand Goddess known as Sophia.

The Mystical Initiates believed it was their sacred duty and dharma (spiritual obligation) to awaken from the slumbering realms of Maya, the illusionary world, and evolve into the higher realms of Infinity once and for all. They were driven by a profound sense of purpose to transcend the limitations of ordinary existence and ascend to higher states of consciousness.

Through their deep spiritual practices, rituals, and inner exploration, the Mystical Initiates sought to unlock the hidden truths of existence and tap into the divine wisdom that permeated all dimensions of reality. They viewed themselves as channels for higher wisdom and divine guidance, utilizing their special connection to power and divinity to access the profound insights and revelations of the spiritual realms.

The Mystical Initiates recognized the presence of Sophia, the revered Grand Goddess, as a manifestation of divine feminine wisdom and power. They sought to connect with her and integrate her teachings into their spiritual practices, recognizing her as a profound spiritual guidance and inspiration source.



The Matrix Unveiled School of Mysticism is a modern-day revival of the forgotten arts of magick and mysticism in a world that has become increasingly focused on technical, utilitarian, and bureaucratic aspects of reality.

At the School of Mysticism, we emphasize practical theory, mastery of metaphysical and mystical arts, and training to elevate one's consciousness and unlock the highest states of awareness and metaphysical activation.

Our belief in the soul and spiritual gnosis attainment through careful study leads to maximal spiritual and esoteric development. Therefore, the School of Mysticism is dedicated to the spiritual progression and development of its "Mystical Initiates" - trained spiritual seekers and students of the Mystery Schools teachings.

The Official School of Mysticism Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Foundations of Mysticism: Exploring mysticism's history, philosophy, and principles and understanding its relevance in the modern world.

  • Metaphysical Arts: Practical training in metaphysical practices, including meditation, energy work, divination, and ritual, to develop skills in working with subtle energies and higher realms of consciousness.

  • Esoteric Teachings: Delving into the ancient wisdom and sacred texts of various mystical traditions, uncovering hidden truths and insights for personal and spiritual growth.

  • Consciousness Expansion: Techniques for expanding consciousness, activating higher states of awareness, and exploring altered states of consciousness for spiritual awakening and transformation.

  • Inner Alchemy: Exploring the inner realms of self-transformation, including the purification and integration of emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, and the cultivation of inner harmony and balance.

  • Practical Applications: Applying mystical principles and practices in everyday life, including manifesting intentions, enhancing intuition, and aligning with a higher purpose and destiny.

  • Community and Support: Building a supportive community of like-minded seekers, sharing experiences, insights, and wisdom, and fostering a sense of spiritual fellowship and connection.

Welcome to The School of Mysticism, where we provide a comprehensive and practical education in the mystical arts to empower you to awaken your inner mystic, elevate your consciousness, and unlock your highest potential.

Starting your journey can be daunting with the wide range of courses and choices available. But do not worry; we have developed a specific training, teaching, and learning method that combines into a cohesive metaphysical system, designed to provide you with textbook knowledge, practical exercises, and techniques to create a profound and magical transformation in your personal Matrix Reality and collective experience.

To ensure a comprehensive and progressive learning experience, we recommend taking our courses in order, studying and contemplating each lesson at your own pace, absorbing the information, and growing from within. This will allow you to progress in the right direction and become a master in energy mastery, spirituality, occultism, multidimensional realities, and more.

Here is the list of spiritual courses offered by The School of Mysticism, outlining the curriculum in order:

  • Spiritual Awakening Mastery Course

  • DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course

  • Mystical Ascent Mastery Video Course

  • Dharmic Life Purpose Mastery Course

  • Intro to Energy Mastery

  • Intro to Magickal Studies

  • Modern Day Gnosticism

  • Decoding the Matrix Reality

  • Quantum Wealth Solutions

  • Unveiling the Codes to Cryptocurrency

  • Psychedelics and Shamanism

  • The Esoteric Library

  • Psychokinesis Energy Mastery

Enroll now to unlock your potential and become a master of the mystical arts. Our courses provide textbook knowledge, practical exercises, and techniques to help you create a profound and magical transformation in your personal Matrix Reality and collective experience. Join our community of like-minded individuals on the same journey as you. Don't wait; start your journey today with The School of Mysticism.

At The School of Mysticism, our curriculum is designed to provide a systematic and progressive learning experience. Beginning with foundational courses such as Spiritual Awakening Mastery, Intro to Energy Mastery, and Intro to Magickal Studies, you will build a solid understanding of spiritual principles and develop practical skills in energy mastery and magickal studies.

As you progress, you will delve deeper into advanced topics such as DMT Pineal Gland Activation, Mystical Ascent Mastery, and Modern Day Gnosticism, gaining profound insights and expanding your consciousness to higher realms of awareness.

Our curriculum also includes practical courses on Dharmic Life Purpose, Quantum Wealth Solutions, and Cryptocurrency Mastery, empowering you with personal and financial growth tools in today's modern world.

Additionally, we offer courses on Psychedelics and Shamanism, The Esoteric Library for studying ancient wisdom, and Psychokinesis Energy Mastery for exploring the power of the mind in shaping reality.

By following this curriculum in order, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and practical application of mystical principles, guided by our experienced instructors and supported by a community of fellow seekers.

A Deeper Look At The Course Curriculum:

Course #1: 

Spiritual Awakening Mastery Course

This course focuses on helping you awaken to your true self, explore your spiritual path, and develop spiritual practices to enhance your consciousness and connection to the divine.

Spiritual Awakening Mastery: How To Master The Spiritual Awakening Process

  • Are you ready to take control of your spiritual awakening process? Here are the benefits of mastering it:
  • Energy Mastery: Gain the ability to control your energy and emotions!
  • Navigate your emotions and protect your energy from negativity; heal your soul.
  • Learn and master meditation (with the included guided meditation).
  • Release dense, negative, trapped, and toxic energies/people/situations from your life.
  • Become your authentic self.
  • Release etheric cords from others.

Discover how to navigate and heal from negative emotions, raise your vibration, heal your soul, protect yourself from negative energy, and effortlessly navigate the spiritual awakening process.

Here's a bit about my journey: I first started my spiritual awakening process when I was only 18 years old. I had a kundalini awakening at a young age, and from that moment, my energy and spirit were turned on and ready to help the world awaken to the era of consciousness.

For months, I was plagued by negative emotions, discomfort due to my new sensitivity to energy, and constantly feeling drained, heavy, weak, and tired from other energies. But I knew there was a better way.

I decided to heal my soul, overcome these negative emotions, and effortlessly conquer the spiritual awakening process so that I could integrate into society and help others master the process too.

Fast forward a few years, and I happily teach and guide other souls on their awakening journey. And today, I proudly present to you a culmination of some of the best tips, techniques, and strategies to live and experience an effortless spiritual awakening process.

Together, we can take one massive step towards a better, higher consciousness, more loving, and peaceful Earth. Join me on this journey of Spiritual Awakening Mastery!

Course #2: 

DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course

This course delves into the pineal gland, also known as the "third eye," and how it relates to altered states of consciousness, including the use of DMT (dimethyltryptamine) as a tool for spiritual exploration.

DMT Pineal Gland Activation Course - Activating the 3rd Eye


  • Lifetime Access to the Course (with membership)

  • OVER 4 HOURS of Video Footage

  • Written articles explaining the science, techniques, and anatomy

  • A PDF Quick Start Guide Detailing All of The Techniques


  • Activate your “third eye” and see into other dimensions
  • Activate your psychic abilities, such as telepathy, remote viewing, astral projection, psychokinesis, bi-location, reality creation, quantum leaps, and much more!

  • An innate knowledge and wisdom of your highest purpose

  • Feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and BLISS any time you want

  • A DEEP Connection to the Universe


  • Release melatonin, and gain immensely restful sleep

  • Have a deep sense of presence, calmness, and “knowingness,” truly from a “higher power.”

  • Sharpen your intuition to a razor-sharp precision

  • Become electromagnetic and high in tune with energy fields

  • Navigate life in a “dream-like manner,” with a clear sense of purpose and a higher calling

  • Become and experience states of ONENESS with the Universe

  • See and UNVEIL the MATRIX for yourself!


  • Activate your pineal gland in a repeatable, scientific, and noticeable manner.
  • Access innate multi-dimensionality

  • See into other dimensions, read energies, and unlock your “dormant DNA.”

  • Access your innate universal computer system.

  • Breathing techniques and meditations that I USE to elevate my consciousness to quantum vibration levels!

Course #3: 

Mystical Ascension Mastery 

Welcome to Mystical Ascension Mastery Video Course. This video course will explore reality's mystical and metaphysical aspects, including astral projection, lucid dreaming, and other practices for expanding consciousness and exploring higher dimensions.

Our focus is on the art of mysticism, which involves reaching spiritual ascent in vibration, consciousness, and awareness. Together, we will dive deep into our consciousness and explore the depths of the universal minds, reality, energy, and existence. This is the path for all seekers, and we will transform together to become masters of our realities.

In this course, you will learn the ancient secrets of mysticism, previously only accessible by 


  • Learn the ancient secrets of Mysticism, previously only accessible by Gurus, Sages, Enlightened Beings, and Energy Masters
  • The Path of the Mystic and How to Create Mystical Ascension From Within
  • Connect to the ENERGY of your environment, BECOMING ONE with the UNIVERSE and Reality

  • Merge Your Energy and Connect to the Universal Mind

  • Free Yourself From Attachments and Karmic Energies

  • Become a MODERN-DAY MYSTIC, Practically Adapted to 21st Century Spirituality!

Course Curriculum:

  • Tanuj's Most Potent Meditation Techniques, and Strategies, to Induce the Altered States of Consciousness and Awareness

  • How to Activate Your Energy Field and Consciousness

  • How to Produce Energy From Your Throat, Palm, Third Eye, and Chakras!

  • The Intricate Relationship between Consciousness, Lifeforce, and Your Energetic Signature

  • How to PREFORM LIVE Energy Rituals, Personal Energetic Activations, and Activate Your Connection to The Infinite Energy Source 

  • How to Balance Your Light and Dark Side, Your Illuminated Consciousness, and "Dark Side," or Shadow Self

  • Embrace Emotional Mastery, Navigating and Transmuting Your Emotions Effortlessly and With Ease

  • Understand the Matrix Reality, or "Maya," with pinpoint accuracy.

Welcome TRIBE to the School of Mysticism and the MYSTICAL ADEPT OFFICIAL COURSE! This video course will give you a basic overview of what the School is dedicated to, the Art of Mysticism, meaning reaching spiritual ascent in vibration, consciousness, and awareness.

Together, we will dive deep into our consciousness and explore the depths of the Universal minds, reality, energy, and existence! This is the PATH for all seekers. We will transform TOGETHER and Become MASTERS of our Realities...

Course #4: 

Dharma - Life Purpose Mastery Course

Dharma - Life Purpose Mastery Course: Discover Your Life Purpose, Align with Your Soul's Mission, and Find Meaning and Fulfillment in Your Daily Life

Are you struggling to find your life purpose? Are you feeling lost and unfulfilled in your daily life? Do you want to align with your soul's mission and find deeper meaning in your existence? This course is for you. 

Dharma - Life Purpose Mastery Course is designed to help you discover your life purpose, align with your soul's mission, and find meaning and fulfillment in your daily life. Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Discover Your Life Purpose: Uncover your unique gifts, talents, and passions and learn how to use them to fulfill your life purpose.
  2. Align with Your Soul's Mission: Connect with your soul's mission and learn how to align to create a life of purpose and fulfillment.
  3. Find Meaning and Fulfillment: Learn how to integrate your life purpose into your daily life and find greater meaning and fulfillment in everything you do.

The course includes a variety of tools and techniques, including:

  • Guided meditations to help you connect with your inner self and discover your life purpose.
  • Journaling exercises to help you explore your values, passions, and strengths.
  • Practical strategies to help you align with your soul's mission and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.
  • Expert guidance and support to help you overcome obstacles and stay on track towards your goals.
  • Discover the power of dharma and how it can transform your life. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation with the Dharma - Life Purpose Mastery Course.



Course #5: 

Intro to Energy Mastery 

This course teaches the skills of navigating and controlling one's energy field and how one can learn to heinous their toroidal energy field, activate, circulator, cleanse, and recharge their spiritual battery. 

Course #6

Intro to Magickal Studies

Welcome Initiate,

To The Introduction To Magickal Studies Video Course, where you will learn to tap into your ethereal, magickal, energetic powers and abilities.

This video course is designed to provide fundamental training to teach, explain, and share the Mystical Gnosis of Magickal and Esoteric Energies contained within and around your energetic field of information and self.

Throughout this course, we will explore the various magickal traditions of human history, including books, spells, incantations, enchantments, movies, tv shows, music, and pop culture.

As a Mystical Aspirant, you will learn the Secret traditions, rituals, energetic activations, spells, healings, and mental frequencies to create a powerful energetic field, raise your consciousness, free yourself from limiting energies and frequencies, and create magickal solutions to physical limitations and obstacles.

We will begin your journey by delving into the teachings of Ancient Hermetic Wisdom before exploring Rituals, Meditations, Healing Techniques, Precognitive and Dream Exploration, Interdimensional Intelligence Learning, Evolution, and Matrix Evolution.

Our curriculum will cover the basics of creating sigil magick, energetic shielding, elemental magick, energy healing, self-love and integration, spiritual healing, creating energy firewalls, dimensional travel, and more.

In our advanced magickal teachings, you will learn higher dimensional energy workings, entity removal extractions, higher forms of elemental magickal training, Extra-sensory Perception Abilities, and Magickal Communication with other-worldly energies.

We will also share the skills and teachings of other authors, teachers, experts, and spiritual teachers to provide you with a comprehensive and holistic understanding of Magick.

Introduction to the Magickal Studies course, where you will tap into the core magickal power within every living thing - the LIFE FORCE ENERGY, the SPARK, THE ESSENCE of CREATION that flows from the Source of Existence. 

This course teaches you. 

  1. The EXACT Formula for Quantum Reality Manifestation,
  2. How to activate your dormant psychic abilities and extrasensory perception, and 
  3. Reclaim your spiritual authority by banishing all lower astral forces. 

Join Tanuj and the School of Mysticism Mystical Initiates for live rituals and meditation and gain a historical and theoretical understanding of Magickal Studies.

This course will teach you to harness your magickal power and remember that Magick is the Divine Force of Existence, our Life, Liberty, and Happiness. This force guides Light in human evolution, harmony, and happiness.

You will also learn the TRUE steps towards spiritual, energetic, and physical healing, why so many feel energetically blocked and suppressed, and Tanuj's GUARANTEED Quantum Reality Manifestation Formula.

The course curriculum covers a range of topics:

  • The Foundations of Magickal Theory, 

  • Introduction to Ritual Magick, 

  • Chaos Magickal Theory, 

  • Orgone Generator Technology and Radionics Magick, 

  • Magickal and Energetic Inner Healing,

  • Magickal Sigils and Reality Creation Tools

  • Guided Ritual Activations, 

  • Magickal Tools and Creations, 

  • Additional Rituals and Services

As a bonus, you will receive Tanuj's Grand Grimoire, an invaluable resource for your magickal journey. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your full magickal potential and transform your life.







Course #7: 

Decoding the Matrix Reality

This course delves into the nature of reality, exploring concepts such as the holographic universe, quantum physics, and the nature of consciousness and how these concepts relate to our understanding of reality and our place in it.

Welcome, Soul Traveler, 

Are you seeking answers to the secrets of reality like many others? Perhaps you have encountered the concept of the "Matrix" through popular culture or spiritual communities, and maybe you have had experiences that have expanded your understanding of the nature of reality.

However, with so much conflicting and incomplete information, seekers can often be left confused and uncertain about their reality.

That's why I, Tanuj Soodan, have made it my mission to "Decode the Matrix Reality" and help humanity evolve in consciousness. Through over 15 years of metaphysical, magical, energetic, and spiritual experiences, I have unlocked the secrets of the matrix reality and created a step-by-step field guide for you to navigate it.

In this comprehensive 10+ hour video course, "The Source Player's Field Guide to The Matrix Reality," I will reveal the following:

  • The Matrix Grid System and the Origins of the Matrix

  • The mythos of Sophia, Yaldabaoth, and the Demiurge

  • The ancient mystical knowledge of the Gnostics

  • How to reprogram the matrix machine and my visions while working with DMT

  • The wars between Yaldabaoth and Sophia and visions of good and evil battling

  • The difference between Source Players, Non-Player Characters, Matrix Agents, and Holographic Beings

  • The Rise of the Technocracy and the AI Trans-Humanism Agenda

  • The meaning of "energy vampire," "star seed origins," and "collective consciousness hive mind."

  • The blueprints to the matrix viral codes

  • Your transformation from "homosapien" to "homoluminous"

  • How will you make a quantum evolutionary jump from a physical light into a quantum being of energy and consciousness?

  • DNA activation and the transformation from a homo sapiens to a homo luminous

  • A bonus section is all about my astral and dream-like, otherworldly experiences.

  • Exclusive playlist on my various Matrix and UFO, Sky, and Energetic Anomalies!

I have also released two lessons publicly to give you a taste of the content and spiritual gnosis discussed within the course: 

"How to Escape the Soul Catchers in the Matrix Reincarnation System" and "Reprogramming the Matrix Machine and My Visions While Working with DMT."

You alone hold the power to navigate and create your reality. Let me guide you down the rabbit hole to unlock the secrets of the matrix reality.

Enroll now and gain access to over 10 hours of video content in "The Source Player's Field Guide to The Matrix Reality." Don't wait. Start your journey now.


Tanuj Soodan







Course #8: 

Modern-Day Gnosticism:

The following course teaches core principles of the Gnosticism Reality and how the knowledge can be applied to a mystery school mystical initiate, the Gnostic movement in a modern-day mystery school context. This course explores the possibilities of the Divine Goddess Sophia in a fallen state, the Divine Spark within the Realms of the Simulatrix, and the Ascension back into the Pleroma, or the Infinite Realms and Universes. 

Introducing the ultimate Gnosticism Reality course that will unlock the secrets of the Divine Sophia and guide you on your mystical journey towards ascension. In this course, you will discover the core principles of Gnosticism Reality and how to apply this knowledge to a modern-day mystery school initiate.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The History and Origins of Gnosticism and its Relevance in modern-day mysticism
  • The concept of the Divine Goddess Sophia and her role in the Gnostic movement
  • The meaning of the Divine Spark and how to access it within the Realms of the Simulatrix
  • Techniques for ascension back into the Pleroma, the infinite realms and universes
  • Practical tools for incorporating Gnostic principles into your daily life

Led by a seasoned mystic with years of experience in Gnostic teachings, this course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Gnosticism Reality and its practical applications in modern-day spirituality.

Enroll now and take the first step towards unlocking the mystical secrets of the Gnostics. Let us guide you on your journey toward enlightenment and ascension.







Course #9: 

Psychokinesis Energy Mastery Course

This course focuses on developing mastery over energy and consciousness, including practices such as psychokinesis, energy mastery, telekinesis, aerokinesis, pyrokinesis, atmokinesis, electrokinesis, hydrokinesis, elemental energy bending, and more forms of energy healing, and energy manipulation.

The Benefits of Learning Psychokinesis: 

Unlock Your Full Potential

  • Raise your vibration and activate your Merkaba field

  • Master your energy field and activate your pineal gland

  • Unlock dormant DNA and increase brain capacity

  • Learn psychic abilities such as telekinesis, aerokinesis, atmokinesis, electrokinesis, geokinesis, solar kinesis, hydrokinesis, and pyrokinesis.

  • Heighten natural psychic abilities like intuition, astral projection, and remote viewing.

  • Develop healing abilities and become connected to nature

  • Unveil the Matrix and become a conscious creator in reality

  • Harmonize with the elements and improve health, mood, and longevity

  • Increase life force and evolve consciousness

  • Develop a greater sense of oneness with all things and unlock multi-dimensional abilities.

What You Will Learn:

  • Connect to the energies of wind, water, fire, and earth

  • Harmonize and create wind currents

  • Create water currents and activate the energy of a lake

  • Use fire to cleanse energy and remove negative attachments

  • Move objects with your mind and energy

  • Distinguish between magnetic energy and natural wind currents

  • Flow with the energy of the Universe and connect with animals

  • Calm aggressive wind currents and lower energy levels of an environment

  • Activate an environment and tree energies simultaneously

  • Connect deeply with trees, plants, grass, sun, moon, stars, sky, clouds, and human electrical devices to create energy fluctuations.

  • Create sunsets, clouds, and storms, and manipulate weather (advanced abilities require training)



Course #10: 

Quantum Wealth Solutions

The Quantum Wealth Solutions course is your ultimate guide and blueprint to creating abundance and prosperity within this Matrix Reality. It explores the relationship between consciousness, abundance, and wealth, providing powerful tools and practices to help you shift your mindset, beliefs, and energy around money and abundance. These tools and practices enable you to create a more prosperous reality, free from limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that hold you back.

This course teaches you how to harness the power of your mind and energy to attract abundance and prosperity into your life. You will be introduced to various practices, including visualization, affirmations, meditation, energy healing, and mindset coaching. These practices will help you transform your relationship with money and abundance and create a new paradigm of wealth and success.

Enroll in this course to gain exclusive knowledge on:

  • Developing an Abundance Mindset

  • Attracting large sums of money consistently creates a magnetic aura of wealth, prosperity, and infinite abundance!

  • Reprogramming your mind and consciousness with money to dissolve lack, limitations, and fears around finances, wealth, and growing prosperity

  • Learning Manifestation CHEAT CODES and Secrets to uplevel your financial and wealth game!

  • Mastering the game of money through both Magickal and physical techniques

  • Creating passive income streams of revenue and generating multiple streams of income

  • Identifying the BEST investments, assets, and methods to create long-lasting, multi-generational wealth

  • Accessing top resources, meditations, audiobooks, and PDFs specifically designed for reprogramming your mindset towards abundance and wealth.

  • Join this course and unlock the secrets to mastering the game of money and achieving ultimate financial success.

Course #11: 

School of Mysticism LIVE Sessions (Live recordings and tribe events)

This course includes live recordings and events where you can engage with the School of Mysticism community, participate in group meditations and discussions, and receive guidance and support on your spiritual journey.

Course #12: 

The School of Mysticism 

Esoteric Library

Welcome to the Esoteric Library, the official archive of the School of Mysticism. You can access many resources, including hundreds of PDFs, books, and other materials, to enhance your knowledge and spiritual journey.

Our course offers a unique opportunity to explore a vast collection of esoteric and mystical texts, resources, and teachings that complement the other courses and deepen your understanding of various spiritual and metaphysical topics.


Lesly Damai's Coaching Testimonial


Calusha's Ritual Healing Video Testimonial




The Creator and Head Instructor at The School of Mysticism, Tanuj Soodan, is a pioneering Metaphysician, Magickian, Author, Speaker, Leader, and Teacher of Spirituality, Consciousness Expansion, Magick, Occult Studies, Meditation, Energy Mastery, Out of Body Travel, Psychokinetic Abilities, Telekinesis, Atmokinesis, Electrokinesis, Telepathy, Energy Shielding, Magickal Rituals, Healings, and more. 
Are you looking to explore the depths of your own Consciousness, Reality, and What is Beyond the Matrix?

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Tanuj Soodan

Why You Should Join the School of Mysticism Now!

The School of Mysticism presents an Uncensored, Exclusive, and Dedicated Experience, offering a Real-Life Magickal and Mystical Curriculum. 

Are you tired of learning from unreliable and conflicting sources like YouTube, Google, and public blog forums?

Many public platforms focused on consciousness expansion can be distracting and provide irrelevant and incomplete content. Their teachings are often confusingly delivered, lacking true spiritual insight, and fail to correlate spirituality with the reality of the Matrix. These sources prioritize their agenda and leave you spiritually stagnant, devoid of true gnosis. Most "internet spirituality teachers" are branded and have alternative agendas, lacking in true Gnostic and magickal teachings. They often lack demonstrations of their claimed magickal powers.

The School of Mysticism is the exact opposite! Our exclusive teachings and techniques are reserved only for the School of Mysticism students. With a sequential learning process, learn at your own pace with step-by-step video courses. We provide hundreds of educational tutorials, lectures, events, and workshops; covering a vast array of studies; whether you consider yourself or aspire to become a  healer, intuitive, magician, mystic, occultist, witch, energy practitioner, or metaphysician, our comprehensive studies and gnosis have you covered! 

All new videos in The School of Mysticism are high-quality teachings recorded in 1080p from the mystical mountains of Costa Rica. In contrast to many online platforms, our private platform is designed to filter out trolls, immature individuals, and non-serious bystanders. By joining our magickal curriculum, you gain access to dedicated masters who provide information and guide you on the potential skills and techniques you can learn. What sets our courses apart is that they are ALWAYS GROWING. New content is released daily. 

Look out for Tanuj’s posts and FULL opinions on matters that can’t be discussed on YouTube or public apps. 

Our platform is free from trolls, bot accounts, commercial advertisements, and agents of distraction who aim to confuse, belittle, or undermine your magical talents. Our students and teachers are focused, effective, and efficient in answering questions, interacting, and participating in live events. We foster a thriving community and value social interaction within our Tribe. We are excited to have you become part of our growing magickal community.

Join us at the School of Mysticism—a genuine sanctuary to dedicate yourself to the magical and mystical arts. Say goodbye to naysayers, con artists, and those who dismiss your talents. You know there is more to discover in the infinite multiverses and levels of consciousness. 

Your school, friends, family, work environment, and others may all be part of the programmed Matrix, feeding you lies and distractions that hinder your infinite potential. It's time to reunite with your Tribe and uncover the secrets of the mystical arts.




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How to Enroll Into the School of Mysticism: Mystical Adept Membership Plans

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  • The mystic will learn and unlock the secrets of his/her consciousness and the Matrix!

  • Master your energy signature, life force energy, psychic abilities, and spirit.

  • Connect with a group of individuals committed to self-mastery and spiritual development.

  • Develop, discover, and connect with your life purpose and soul mission.

  • Learn how to BREAK FREE of the Matrix cycle of reincarnation, karma, and spiritual deceptions.

  • Private member’s group and access to exclusive videos, courses, energy tutorials, e-books, meditations, and PDFs.

  • Unlock psychic abilities such as astral travel, empathy, psychokinesis, telepathy, precognition, lucid dreaming, and so much more!

  • Priority spiritual guidance from Tanuj within the exclusive group!

  • Ambassador program, discounts, rewards, and special offers!

  • Monthly Live Teaching Zoom Calls For Community Development and Expansion

  • Learn the secrets of financial abundance, sovereignty, and wealth frequency hacking!

  • Live Zoom calls and events!

  • Connect with members and Tanuj instantly on our members-only chat!

  • Group coaching, courses, and the metaphysical academy

  • Blog Articles dedicated to spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being

  • Access to PDFs, meditations, resources, images, videos, and much more, not shared anywhere publicly!

  • Exclusive group access and community forums

  • Social media & ad-free interaction

Upon enrolling into The Mystical Initiate Monthly Membership, the initiate gains COMPLETE ACCESS to all of the following courses...

  • New courses will be added monthly, with LIVE Monthly group sessions on Zoom!

  • All courses contain various articles, PDFs, blog posts, guided meditations, visualization exercises, techniques, articles, documentation, notes, strategies, recordings, and writings!

  • Combined for over 100 hours of video, written, and audio content!






PRICING: The CURRENT price to access the School of Mysticism is $55.55/month. However, that is subject to change at any time. Joining now is your BEST option for securing access to The School of Mysticism!

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Due to the sensitive and occult nature of the course content, memberships, and programs, we DO NOT offer ANY refunds or returns on course memberships, books, courses, rituals, services, or any other service provided. All content and services are CASE SENSITIVE, and because of the sensitivity and exclusive access to content, we have a STRICT NO-RETURN POLICY

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